And I’m done!

In the past 5 days I have:

Purchased online:  2 balls of yarn, some crochet hooks, some cold/flu OTC medicine, a humidifier, cat food and kitty litter and the monthly Amazon gift card I send to my stepdaughter to cover diapers and other baby needs for her 3 month old and 2 year old.

~ I also finished designing my Christmas cards and ordered them.

~ Sent “Christmas presents” to my adult step-children – ie: checks.

~ Sent checks to the 4 animal welfare organizations I support.

And now I am done with shopping for the month of December, and other than sending out the Christmas cards, I am also done with Christmas.  There will be no other “gifts”, no decorating, no nothing else.

December is now done and dusted!

5 thoughts on “And I’m done!

  1. I like that. “December is now done and dusted! ” I have always liked to do things early and not get in on the rush that most people create for themselves – by doing everything at the last minute. Good for you.

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    1. I suppose the point of it is – I don’t ‘do’ Christmas so my list is quite small. I didn’t go on any shopping sprees on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Since I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas I don’t have any decorating to do – basically, aside from bowing to the convention of Christmas gifts for my husband’s (adult) children December is just another month of the year. I do enjoy sending Christmas cards, mostly out of vanity LOL I design my own, but it’s also another way for me to reach out to people. I am a big card sender throughout the year – December is just another excuse to do so.

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      1. I give my children money for Christmas – I care nothing for shopping. I do not decorate for Christmas – we always have Christmas at my daughter’s house. I never go out on Black Friday and I truly do not care anything for the Holiday season. I send cards to my friends during the year too. I use a card program on my computer and make personalized cards.

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