All the kool kids are doing it

It seems, this being December 1st and the faux holiday, Christmas, has begun in earnest, people are posting holiday songs. Now the only good thing about the Christmas holiday is the music, be it “religious’ or not religious.

Back in the days (yes, the olden days) before mp3s and itunes and youtube, my husband and I would make Christmas cd’s as gifts. Each year we had a theme – from country to classics. He burned the cd’s from his own extensive music collection, I did the artwork for the covers. They were quite popular gifts and requests for more copies came in each year.  We stopped after 5 years but subsequently new acquaintances would receive the entire 5 volume set as a gift.  They were a lot of work to put together and there were many obscure gems which some people loved and others hated –

There was a version of “Silent Night” that my husband and I absolutely loved, we considered it the definitive version of that song, but as it turned out, we were the only ones.  People reacted almost violently to our favorite version of “Silent Night”.

So to start the musical season off on an interesting note, I offer you my favorite version of “Silent Night” for you to hate, or enjoy, as your musical tastes dictate.

2 thoughts on “All the kool kids are doing it

  1. Great idea for a gift. I happen to love your “Silent Night”. It takes someone who likes to hear a new version of an old song to appreciate just how beautiful your version happens to be. Thank you for sharing this song. I am going to listen to it again – with eyes closed.


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