I think ‘holidays’ are all a bunch of bushwah

Coming up next week in the USA is the questionable holiday called “Thanksgiving” – wherein we ostensibly celebrate the generosity of native Americans towards the interloping Northern Europeans .  Better that the native Americans had let the interlopers starve.

At any rate United States-ians celebrate by eating turkey, a rather tasteless bit of poultry, along with mashed potatoes, the texture of which makes me gag, brown gravy, which isn’t so bad if you make it with a lot of wine, worcestershire sauce and black pepper. There is also, for some, sweet potatoes which are quite good actually and somehow mashed sweet potatoes are quite enjoyable to me. I’m not sure what all else Anglos eat on Thanksgiving – oh yes, cranberry sauce. I love cranberries!

I’m Italian-American. We always ate our native foods on “holidays”. For Thanksgiving, oh yes there was a turkey but it never really made it out of the kitchen – no one really liked it, it was just made in deference to the American tradition. One year it was completely forgotten in the fridge and was still cooking hours after dinner was done and the guests had gone home.

My husband is Boston Irish so things like mashed potatoes and brown gravy are like mothers milk to him. I think mashed white potatoes are quite gross and they make me gag. Mashed sweet potatoes  are quite nice, without marshmallows, thank you very much, tho I do prefer my sweet potatoes baked.

Over the years we have been married I have cooked the traditional American Thanksgiving meal, very reluctantly, and eaten very little of it. Or we were invited to be guests and I ate very little of it. For the past 12 years we have lived in social isolation so there have been no invitations and I have made this meal for just the two of us. I have hated it – the making of and the eating of.

This year I literally broke down in tears, whining about how I hate the eating, and cooking of, these foods. “Do you really have to have this?” I whined to my husband.  He graciously, but I know, reluctantly, conceded that, no, these foods were not necessary, after all it was just another Thursday.

So – YAY! Next Thursday, dinner will be rib eye steak and baked Yukon Gold potatoes. Which quite honestly is a standard Thursday night dinner.

Whew – finally dodged that bullet.

2 thoughts on “I think ‘holidays’ are all a bunch of bushwah

    1. If you are gonna eat a steak then it has to be rib eye, otherwise, don’t bother. My local grocery store has rib eye on sale a good portion of the time, which is the only time I buy it. I’ve seen the price as high as $17.99 a pound! I tend to buy at the $8.99 per pound price point I would buy more on sale and freeze it but oddly once frozen and defrosted it just doesn’t taste the same. Next week, sale or no sale, there will be rib eye!

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