Why would I care?

Unless I am considering you as a potential ‘romantic’ partner, why on earth would I care what gender you are, or what gender you think you are, or what gender you would like to be.  Or is that what sex you are/think you are/want to be?

Why are people described in news articles as ‘trans man” or ‘trans woman”  when their sex or gender have nothing to do with the content of the story – why isn’t ‘man’ or ‘woman’ sufficient?  Or, hey, even ‘person’.

And why are people now referring to their singular selves in the plural? Oh I get the – “I don’t consider myself either male or female”  I like to be very respectful of how people want to be addressed but there comes a point where it just gets stupid. (And yes, I will go to my grave objecting to being called ‘ms.’ I’m not a manuscript. Nor am I particularly sensitive about my marital status because that’s basically none of your business anyway.)

All this specificity is making me crazy, I can’t keep it all straight (am I allowed to even use the word straight any more even if I’m not talking about gender/sex/identities?)

I think generalizations work just fine. I think neuter nouns work just fine. I think ‘people’ and ‘person’ work just fine. On a daily basis we interact with people in the most casual of  ways – bus driver, store clerk, someone we hold a door for – do we need to know their gender/sex/identity? No – we only need to know they are human beings. And if those casual interactions repeat themselves with the same person on a regular basis but never evolve into something more personal does such information ever need to be shared?  It all falls into the TMI category as far as I’m concerned. (Yes, someone I interact with on a regular but very casual basis saw fit to inform me of their gender/sex status. And my response was – “And you’re telling me this -why? I don’t care”)

Who you are/who you think you are/who you want to be – it’s just not any of my business and I just don’t care. Be whoever you want to be, it’s no skin off my nose, it does not affect my life in any way. Live long and prosper.

And don’t call me Ms.


3 thoughts on “Why would I care?

    1. What I don’t understand, at least emotionally, is why people with non-heterosexual identities are discriminated against and persecuted, or why anyone would care how a person sees themselves or who they love. Intellectually I know it is fear of the different – that kind of fear drives a lot of evil in this world and has always done so – whether it is sexual identity or ethnicity or religion or…Yet there have been cultures that totally accepted differences in self-identity, such as many Native American cultures. If we simply accepted people as people, without all the labels, oh what a peaceful world this would be.

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