Because procrastination is my real name

It’s 4:20 on Saturday afternoon. I have pissed away the day thusly –

~ I got out of bed around 8:15am – Don’t be envious that I slept in, I didn’t actually get to sleep until around 4:30am.

~ Read the paper including all the Sunday supplements which, for some strange reason we get on Saturdays. Ate breakfast. Cleaned out email. Browsed through the real estate listings I get via email. Set up the bathroom for my husband’s shower. Supervised his shower.

~ 11:45-ish I  take my shower and dress for the day.

~ 12:30pm – I have lunch, read some blogs, delete some more email. Pay some bills, transfer some money. Clean up the bookkeeping spreadsheets. Order some Thanksgiving presents.

~ 2:30 – I decide I need to work on my Christmas cards –

2 hours later (it is now 4:35pm) I’m here procrastinating because I still have to –

~ Make the bed

~Scoop kitty litter


~ Grate a wedge of cheese

~ Clean up the kitchen

All before 6pm when I have to start making dinner…Which, come to think of it, I have plenty of time.  I think I may just sit awhile and stare out the window and watch the sun set…

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