Neat and tidy makes me happy

I am a bit compulsive when it comes to making things neat and tidy. I suppose, deep down, it is my way of being in control of my environment, since there is so little we are actually in control of in life.

My husband uses sweet ‘n low in his coffee. He keeps a supply in a small sugar bowl next to the coffee pots. I buy the packets in a 1500 count box and he re-fills the sugar bowl as necessary, just jams in as many packets as he can, any old kinda way.


While he was incapacitated and I had to do everything, I refilled the sugar bowl MY way. Which is to say, a neat and tidy way.

Yesterday he was about to refill the sugar bowl with packets and I piped up “Oh let me do it!”


I quite enjoy taking a handful of packets out of the big box, straightening them all up and then tucking them into the sugar bowl – all neat and tidy. This makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “Neat and tidy makes me happy

    1. There are people who thrive in chaos – it seems to energize them – then there are those of us, who, for whatever reason, crave neat and tidy as a way to control what little we can in this life…

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