So I’m standing on the street corner

waiting for the bus when all of a sudden there’s a crash and a huge chunk of tree branch and leaves comes tumbling down, right in the middle of the traffic lane.

I see a small squirrel come scrambling out of the leaf bundle and start poking around until she digs out a teeny tiny baby squirrel – the baby is squirming around and Da Mama has a bit of trouble getting a grip on the baby but she finally succeeds in picking up the baby in her mouth and she mad dashes off into the green landscaped area of the condo complex on this street.

There’s no traffic and I’m looking at those big chunks of tree/branches/leaves lying there in the road and think to myself – “some car is going to have a problem getting over or around that mess” so I walk over and pick up one batch of tree/branch/leaves and it’s heavy. It contains the squirrel’s nest, a substantial thing, and – there’s another baby in there! Whoa! I pick up the mass and put it under the tree, on top of a bunch of ivy ground cover. The baby is in there squirming.

I stepped back to see if Da Mama was coming back. It was only a few minutes but then I thought – what about that other bunch of tree/branches/leaves. I figured I’d move that mess out of the road and next to where I had put the nest/branch/leaf mess. Just in case Da Mama came back and couldn’t figure out right away which mass of tree/branches/leaves held her nest and other baby.

My bus came along shortly after so I don’t know how that little story played out. I hope Da Mama came back and found her baby, and her little family is all safe and sound.

I hope I saved a little life today.

4 thoughts on “So I’m standing on the street corner

  1. A nice story. I hope the mama finds her little baby squirrel too. You did a good deed for the day. I feel like I would have done the same things. Love the little creatures in nature.

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  2. Now once when I was quite a lad, instead of going to school, I was standing at the corner of the street. I landed there at ten o’clock I’d made it quite a rule, This standing at the corner of the street. The teacher came and caught me I fair trembled at the knees, ‘You’re late again!’ then kicked me with ‘is feet. Said he, ‘Tell me the reason why.’ said I, ‘If you please, I was standing at the corner of the street.’ As usual, the other day, instead of going a walk, I was standing at the corner of the street. Two men came rushing up to me with faces white as chalk. They said a bull ‘ad just escaped, it was absolutely mad, ‘E knocked a dozen p’licemen off their feet. There’s only one man strong enough, to catch that bull, they said, And ‘e’s standing at the corner of the street.


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