Random Saturday Thoughts

10212044-293937429_5-s1-v1We tawk funny in New York City. Sometimes I hear myself say things that make me laugh and wonder. Aside from my New Yawk accent people often pin down my home country from my phrasing – such as “stand ON line”. It seems most folks stand IN line. I’ve also noticed we use the ‘leave’ where other folks would use the word ‘let’. As in “leave it be” instead of let it be. Tho leave for let is not such a big stretch, is it?

Also on the topic of NYC, and hometowns in general – I was reading about someone’s vacation trip to NYC and they referred to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge as “a thing”  – meaning, I guess, that it is some sort of tourist activity. I did a double take at that because, well, people have been walking across the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of their daily commute for, well forever. It’s been a “thing” since 1883.

I suppose if I went to that person’s hometown I would be surprised by things they take for granted and have just, you know, always been that way. Perhaps we just take our hometowns for granted, like so many other things like…


10212044-293937429_5-s1-v1A blog friend is the bakery manager at a small supermarket in a small town. Her blog usually is about her various craft projects – she is very artistic and talented. She doesn’t do politics or controversy.

One of her responsibilities as bakery manager is decorating cakes to order and her considerable artistic talents are put to good use – she has posted photos of some of her cakes and they are awesome.

She recently wrote about an order she received that had her taken aback a little – the order was taken by another employee and my friend contacted the customer to make sure the order was taken correctly. The decoration for the cake is offensive, at least to me, and the message can be taken 2 ways, I suppose. My friend and her co-workers also found the whole thing more than a bit tone deaf, to put it kindly, but they are hardly in a position to school the customer or refuse to comply. And while I did comment on her original post about this questionable sentiment, today when she posted a photo of the finished cake I just couldn’t say anything – her blog is NOT the place to start that kind of discussion.  I try to be mindful of people’s intent – the whole cake decoration thing bothered her enough that she spoke of it but a discussion of why is not the intent of her blog. I now regret saying anything at all.

I often read things that trigger a reaction that is personal – I have to be very careful to keep my opinions to myself, especially when there is nothing to be gained by voicing them.  Is there ever anything to be gained by voicing a personal opinion in public? Discuss among yourselves.


And finally – My little girl cat, Miss Frankie Lulu Belle – I love that cat to pieces. It is very disturbing how much I love that cat. I understand her completely – I know what her every meow and squeak means. I can read her like a book.

I have lived with a number of cats over the years, my first cat was a Siamese named Max. Max was an extraordinary creature and he and I were totally dependent on one another – we were as one. I shall never love any creature as I loved him. But – Miss Frankie – oh my – I love her sooo much but our relationship is different from Max’s and mine. She is getting on in years and my mind often strays to when she will have to leave me – and it upsets me so much – her leaving. Do I love her more than Max? Max more than her? No – just differently – the way we love people differently – we love them for who THEY are – not in comparison to someone else.

Which reminds me of something I either read somewhere or thought of myself – People will love you the way they need to love, not necessarily the way you need to be loved.

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