I gotta stop saying that…

Years ago, many, many, many years ago, I had a friend who had a friend who was called ‘Boo’.  I once asked my friend why he called his friend ‘Boo’ and he replied “Don’t know – he’s just always been called Boo” Okay – this nickname would have been acquired back in the late 1950’s, or maybe earlier, since no one remembers when ‘Boo’ became ‘Boo” and said ‘Boo” was born in 1947…

At any rate, I never met this Boo fellow and I lost touch with my friend. Fast forward to 1990 and my husband bought me a Siamese cat who I promptly named Boo-Boo. I can’t recall why, but I did.

Fast forward even more years and we reach 2018. That’s when I started to call people ‘Boo’. I mean just random people who I met and had a pleasant interaction with. I call my husband Boo quite often, just in passing, without thinking. And just yesterday, I commented on  Hummings blog post ‘That is one fat frog, Boo…”

This morning I looked up the meaning of ‘Boo’ as a nickname and – whoopsie – I realized that I have been using it in a most inappropriate way – at least when I am talking to strangers or passing acquaintances. If you are unfamiliar with the current meaning of ‘Boo’ you can check it out  HERE.

It’s kinda a pain in the ass to be constantly be on one’s guard when talking to people, most especially just the random folks you meet and interact with in a general way. I guess I shouldn’t be saying “Thank you, Boo” to the deli clerk at the supermarket, regardless of how nice he is to me and how much I always tell him I appreciate his kindness.

I read a blog this morning that discussed whether being called a ‘broad’ – old, feisty, tough or otherwise – was something the readers took offense at. Most commenters said no. Personally, I’m not offended by such a description, I probably wouldn’t even notice,  but I am also weary of labels – so many these days – everybody is something very specific that quite frankly gives me more information than I am interested in knowing. 

On a general day-to-day basis the only thing we need to know about each other is that we are human beings. Anything more specific than that is just TMI until and if and when the relationship becomes more personal.

Lawsie, lawsie but I am becoming so old and grumpy.

9 thoughts on “I gotta stop saying that…

  1. To me the word “broad” when referring to a woman is more of a drugatory meaning and not a very nice meaning. Never heard of anybody being called boo and I didn’t really think about it when I read the comment you left. But yes I guess you should be careful about who you say it to based on the meaning.

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    1. He is a very nice young man (and when I say young I mean he is probably in his late 30’s LOL) He is the Assistant Manager for the Deli & Bakery Departments in a large-ish grocery chain. Sometimes he is the only one working in both departments and he runs back and forth slicing cheese and bread. My husband likes his meats and cheese sliced to a particular thickness and Mark remembers exactly what that is, and that my husband buys 2 loaves of Italian round bread every week…My husband has been ill and I have been doing the grocery shopping alone and every week Mark would ask how he was and when he would be coming back to the store…Just the nicest man. I wrote a compliment about him to corporate headquarters just this week.

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