It’s a wonderful, lovely, dreary, rainy October day

9 o’clock this morning, temperature about 60, humidity in the 90’s, light rain with the promise of heavier rain by late afternoon with the temperatures dropping into the 50’s, at which point it will be the MOST perfect October day –


What I love most about October are these rainy, chill days. “Pish tosh!” you all will say, “don’t be perverse, warm and sunny wins the day” Well,  pish tosh to you…I love these days. I live for these days, they are my perfect days. October days…

Yes the beginning of October may be sunny and warmish, with the colors just turning and I love those too. But they belong to early October. And while it is not quite late October, being only the 16th, still this lovely dreary, rainy, somewhat chilly day, is a small taste of late October perfection.

There is something so cozy and comforting and protective about a late October day, rain pelting windows, winds blowing orange leaves, plastering them against the windows and making shadows on the walls in the foggy dim light of an afternoon.

Onward then I say, to late October, and many such cozy afternoons…

3 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful, lovely, dreary, rainy October day

    1. You are a bit South of me – I’m in Northern Virginia and while the rain hasn’t been cold it is chilly – Lovely day. Right this moment (5:40pm) the sky has cleared, wispy clouds, some blue sky and 60º and a brisk breeze. Lovely evening…


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