One of the great disappointments

in my life is my complete and utter lack of artistic ability. I can not draw a straight line with a ruler. I have images in my head I would like to get down on paper but I can’t – I simply do NOT have that skill, ability or talent.

And it makes me crazy!

In high school we had to take two semesters of art – not art history, which would have been easy-peasy and an instant A for me. Oh no – it was art where you had to draw things. I can’t draw! The first semester the art teacher gave me a decent grade, which I hadn’t earned, because, he said, “You are too smart to fail art. You can’t help it that you have no talent for it.” The second semester I passed on my own, on the basis of being able to master drawing a 3-D box and one drawing, in pastels, of an emotion. It needed no particular skill, trust me, but the teacher liked it. Go me?

Every year I make my own Christmas cards. I started out using images I found on the internet and composing my own message. I moved on to using photographs I had taken, along with my own message. Last year I superimposed a Santa hat on a photo of my cat…it came out really well and everyone enjoyed it.

This year I have an image in my head – I certainly can’t draw it but I thought I could find various elements on the internet and layer them into one image. Yeah, it seems I’m not good with that either.

My lack of artistic talent is so damn frustrating!

3 thoughts on “One of the great disappointments

  1. If this helps…I too lack any talent of art. I remember teachers helping me in drawing a basic landscape because I was excellent in maths and science. In short too good to fail art😜

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