I have no attachments

to any physical place. I have no ‘home’, I desire no home. I have moved so many times in my life, within the same city or state, up and down the East Coast and out of the United States altogether. I have learned, embraced and revel in the idea/concept/fact that wherever I am that is where I belong. For me, moving is always an option.

And that said – I have no attachment to the United States of America. I was born here, yes, that makes me, legally, a citizen. BUT – I don’t identify with this country in any way. All of my grandparents were immigrants from various parts of Italy, my parents were born in the USA, and way back in their day, and for that matter, in my very much younger days, Italians were disparaged, insulted, discriminated against, especially us darker ones, and generally looked at as lesser people. My father taught us to be proud of being Italian but to also respect the USA. With all the emphasis on my Italian heritage I have no emotional attachment to Italy. Quite frankly I have no desire to even visit the country. I’m Italian, okay, everyone has to be something.

My paternal grandfather insisted that his children speak only English. The family credo was if you lived in a country and enjoyed the opportunities it offered then you owed that country your loyalty and respect. You followed their laws, you spoke their language. At the same time you did not deny your own cultural heritage. That is a rather a sweet idea, don’t you think? Not one that anyone subscribes to nowadays.

Honestly? I do not value my USA citizenship. I could (and would) relinquish it without a second thought. I have no emotional or intellectual attachment to this country. I could live in any first world country, and I do specify ‘first world’, having lived in a third world country. I like my comforts and the advantages of a highly developed country. At my age learning another language is problematical so should I decide to decamp for better places than this, English would have to be the dominant language.

Given my age and my financial situation moving just about anywhere, much less to another country, is not a viable plan. Which makes me sad. Very sad. It is so past time to move on.

2 thoughts on “I have no attachments

    1. And it applies across the board – whatever country you were born in to whatever country you live in – you accept a country’s protection and advantages, then you accept their language and culture. You can’t serve 2 masters –


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