I don’t have much use for it. In books, when the author goes on for pages about what a place looks like, unless it is essential to the story, and it seldom is, I just skip those parts. I don’t care what something looks like in the literal sense – you’ve seen one sunset you’ve seen them all. Truly. There are only degrees, often minimal, of difference.

Greenery – I have learned I cannot live without a view of trees but I don’t need the whole damn forest. I have no desire to walk through a forest. Or even be in close proximity to a forest. Just a coupla damn trees outside my window – need that.

Mountains – don’t impress me. Yup, they’re usually big. Okey-dokey.

Deserts – they tend to be monochromatic – mostly brownish or greyish – or whatever color deserts are. I can’t recall ever seeing a desert up close and personal and I have no desire to chase down that particular experience.

Lakes – eh – some are more impressive than others but only because of their size. Lakes tend to be still – gently lapping waves. Yes, yes – lakes can really whip up in a storm and a stormy lake can kill you as easily as an iceberg but still…it’s a lake.

Now what does thrill me to my very soul is an ocean. Ahhh – oceans. Yes. Endlessly fascinating, mesmerizing. Soothing and scary at the same time. Put me by an ocean. I’m at peace and I’m at home.

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