“Your persona is the public image you present to the world. When T.S. Eliot wrote in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” about preparing “a face to meet the faces that you meet,” he had the persona in mind.

In ancient Latin the word persona meant “mask.” The word also can refer to a character played by an actor. While a persona is not considered a lie or a falsehood, its meaning implies that it is only part of the truth. Like all masks, there is “real” person beneath. (Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world” (From

I’ve been on-line since back in the day when you bought minutes (minutes!) from AOL. Yes, that long and I am that old. I have never used my real name on-line, the exception being Facebook but even then, when I originally accessed FB, I did so under some other name.

I’ve been blogging since 2005 – different platforms, different names. I’ve purchased several domain names, even. Way, way back in the day there was something called entrecard which allowed a person to access a lot of blogs and be accessed in return. I had many followers and comments were where real discussions occurred. I miss those days. I miss the community, the exchange of ideas. None of my blogs had a theme, I never tried to monetize them, I had no agenda but to interact with people. The days of blogs being a community are long gone. The days of connecting to people are long gone, now blogs are simply vanity projects.

This blog, and this name is probably the 4th or 5th I have had this year (this year!). I like creating a blog more than I like writing one because no one is listening. No one is reading. And I never felt I could be myself. Of course, I’m not exactly sure who ‘myself’ is.

When I was young and social, when we girls would go out for a night on the town, we would never give our real names to guys we met along the way. My problem was coming up with a name that I felt comfortable with. Same with blogs or an on-line  persona. It’s not that I am uncomfortable in my own skin (so to speak), I am just uncomfortable in being myself in public. Well, no, that’s not right either. As much as I would like to be known, that is as much as I don’t wish to be known.

I don’t want anyone to look for me, yet I wish to be found.

The name ‘Margo’ came to me recently and I really liked it. I felt comfortable with Margo. The name Flutterby comes from a poem – “Butterfly, Flutter by, You’d better fly”.

So here I am, Margo Flutterby. How long I will remain – unknown. Who I am – unknown. A work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Persona

  1. i have always felt i am a work in progress and my blog “name” is not my real name, lets call it a “pen name” lol but if one pays attention, they may see “who” i am or as much as i am willing to share to at least stay somewhat anonymous.

    my blog is only my 3rd. ever. and i have been blogging since myspace was popular.

    i dont do fb. i still have an aol email. lol

    if you google my real name, like i have, you will not find me, easily. but, if you use the other search engines out there you might find me, but you would still need to know more info other than my name. and if you are that interested in me, then i guess you will spend the $$. but you will be disappointed. lol

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    1. Myspace never made any sense to me but then neither does Facebook. Back in the day, even pre-AOL, there were bulletin boards and usenet where people could have real discussions, then there was AOL’s chat rooms, which started out very intelligent but down the line when computers became more accessible to the great unwashed masses, and AOL went from buying minutes to buying a subscription, well, intelligent discourse just went all to hell.

      I’ve never had a theme for any of my blogs – my interests are too varied (which is a nice way to say I have the attention span of a 2-year old – “Ohhh – shiny”). I’ve been reading the same blogs for almost the entire time I’ve been blogging myself, and the ones that seem to have longevity are crafting blogs – Go figure.


  2. An interesting perspective… I did use a pen name when I started writing to avoid being identified by my ex-husband, but those days are over. We have had a nomadic life and have not really had a chance to put down roots, I think probably blogging for the last 7 years is the longest I have been physically in one place consistently.. I do have a community, it shifts year to year but there are some who have stayed the course, who are like minded and we get along very well.. some I have actually met in reality. I don’t share the important personal things about my life, only what I choose, it is a strange world online, and I see too many giving away secrets and personal info that will delight an insurance company should they claim! thanks for an excellent post and I love the name Margo.

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    1. My only friends are internet ones – a few of whom I have met in RL – we all met through blogging and so I know them for 10-13 years now. They followed all my blogs but they don’t know about this one. While, over the years, I have disclosed some personal stuff – mostly about my abusive childhood – there are things I would like to talk about, opinions and attitudes I have that would upset these lovely people – mostly they think I am a really nice person, mostly because I have tried, and seemingly succeeded, in being a good and supportive friend to them over the years, even long distance. But bless their wonderful warm hearts they do not know the dark in me – and honestly, it’s in the dark in people that is most interesting. When, on occasion, I mentioned something about my past, in general terms, the good, happy memories, they comment ‘Wow – what a life you have had” – they don’t know the half of it LOL

      But still – Margo is the first alter ego I am quite pleased with – I think I can wear her well. My only disappointment is that I have no where now to share my poetry – I won’t put it out under any name other than my own – Margo doesn’t get to have that part of me. A bit of a dilemma but hardly the end of the world.

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      1. I am glad that you are pleased with Margo and it is a relatively new persona that give you time and space to grow into. I don’t meet many people who are unscathed in one way or another. I am lucky that the cycle for me was broken early and 40 years have made a difference. I wish you well and hope that you find a place to write your poetry as it is clearly important to you.. best wishes …

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